Comprehensive Plan

Town of Bristol Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan (Comp. Plan) is a guiding document for how a community will develop, grow and preserve their area while having a voice in the process. The Plan reflects current community data, development trends, community priorities, and other planning efforts that have occurred in recent years. The Town of Bristol has hired CARPC (Capital Area Regional Planning Commission) to help to develop and update our Comp Plan.

How can I participate?
  • Take the public survey.
    All residents are invited to take part in giving feedback through our online survey and interactive map, available now through September 30, 2023.
  • Attend planning meetings which will be posted on the website.
    The Town will hold discussion/planning meetings where important topics will be discussed and worked through to create a plan. Each meeting will be noticed on the website and on the Town Hall bulletin board. Stay tuned for meeting details.
  • Review the draft plan.
    Once a draft has been prepared, it will be shared on this page of the website, so residents have a chance to review and submit their comments.
  • Attend the public hearing.
    Public input on the draft plan will be used to create a final version. Before the Town Board adopts the final plan, a public hearing will be held. Notice will be posted.